All good media starts with a good story.

So you’re running a game-changing company that is making a difference in the world, or creating an event that’s going to get people showing up. But you’re missing something.

You want people talking about you.

You need public relations and people to talk about your story. Maybe you can imagine in your mind how that’s happening, but you need help making the vision come alive.

We’ll tell your good story.

Since 2008, our PR agency’s worked with some of Vancouver’s biggest events and gotten our clients eye-popping publicity on the front pages and sections of major papers, mentions in the hottest blogs, interviews on TV talk shows, and sold-out attendance. We’ve got one catch to working with us: you gotta be socially and environmentally responsible. What’s that mean for you?

You’ll change the world.

We’ll help you grow your business by telling better stories and using the right social media or traditional channels, creating a better world for all of us. Our tagline, communicating with consciousness, means engaging with people to form more genuine relationships, not just getting a name or a face out there. We do what we do with heart.

Do you have a great story worth telling that will inspire and engage people to take action? Then let’s do this.